No Antibiotics—Ever

SVO chickens are never administered antibiotics over the course of their lives—not even before they hatch. We find chickens don’t need to be administered antibiotics when they aren’t packed tightly into houses—humane living conditions ward off common diseases that are easily spread otherwise. Also, our farmers give the chicken houses fresh bedding for each flock, and a 2-3 week resting period between each flock—so any harmful bacteria can die off naturally.


Organic Veggie Diet

SVO Farmer partners feed their chickens a 100% organic diet.  Our farmers source their feed from Organic suppliers, but we go the extra mile to have each feed lot tested for GMOs by the Non-GMO Project. In addition to the diet provided by the farmers, chickens can forage for bugs, grubs, worms, and tasty greens in their pastures.


Pasture Access

Once they are old enough to go outside safely, chickens have daily access to an outside area with lots of vegetation, shade structures, and all the bugs and grubs they can eat.


Humane Treatment

An environment or care is ensured by 2 third-party animal welfare organizations: Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership. Under their guidelines, houses must have a lower stocking density, are rigorously monitored for air quality, and contain perches and enrichments that encourage natural behavior for the chickens. The birds get plenty of daylight and at least 8 hours of continuous darkness to promote healthy growth and sleep cycles.

Farmer Partners

SVO’s Farmer Focus Business Model is an innovative approach that was created by farmers, for farmers, and with the future of farming in mind. It includes safer working conditions, sustainable methods, high raising standards, and valuing the work ethic and lifestyle of farmers while promoting a non-competitive system—to level the playing field and entice young farmers to join the game. After all, where would we be without farmers?


Recyclable packaging

Not only does our Vacuum Skin Pack (VSP) tray extend the shelf life of our product, but it is comprised of #5 Polypropolene which is recyclable in many locales. It also keeps your family safe from raw chicken contamination with the easy-peel film (which is produced with a 100% film utilization, meaning zero scrap and zero film going into the landfill).