Our founder, Corwin Heatwole,
purchases his first farm
Corwin was raised farming and raising chickens - his father built his own poultry house when Corwin was only three years old. Tending poultry for most of his life and seeing the day-to-day operations of a farm up close inspires Corwin to purchase his own farm when he is just 23 years old.
SVO starts as an idea, with its origin in a small-scale farm raising 300 chickens. Corwin believes there is a need for high-quality chickens raised with dignity and care. His belief and ethics pay off, and his flock grows to 3,000 chickens within a few months.
Corwin starts talking to other farmers about
the potential of creating a new company
The grower model emerges from conversations with local farmers who express their frustrations about standard farmer contracts with integrated companies that won’t allow them to control their own farms. The idea of farmers owning their own chickens and being their own bosses grows out of these conversations.
SVO starts construction of the plant in June
SVO starts with the live production of organic chicken on two poultry farms, and rapid growth justifies contracting additional farmers. To scale operations, SVO opens a processing factory and increases from two poultry farms to a dozen.
First processing day at the plant
The ideas and evolution of SVO exist around breathing new life into established ideas, modes of business, and even physical spaces. To this end, SVO rescues an older processing plant that has been vacant. After renovations and installation of equipment, SVO returns old building to it original purpose.
SVO moves into ice house
Like the current processing plant, SVO's corporate office resides in another commercial building, the Ice House, that after sitting empty for years, had been renovated for a new purpose.
SVO starts the retail division
With production far exceeding initial projections, SVO begins to sell their product locally and regionally, finding a strong call from customers for chickens raised ethically and humanely.
SVO products become available in 500 stores
Customers immediately notice the quality of SVO's product, and as more farmers join with the company, SVO expands from local and regional markets into national ones, selling their product up and down the Atlantic seaboard.
SVO transitions into 100% organic production
SVO farmers raise their chickens with the highest quality standards in mind. All of our chickens are certified as non-GMO, certified humanely raised, and certified USDA organic. We believe poultry can and should be raised in the most humane way possible, and doing so creates better product for consumers and growers alike.
After much anticipation, SVO launches the new vacuum skin pack (VSP) tray packaging, Yielding new retail opportunities for the farmer focus brand.
Like the original packaging, the new VSP tray is eco-friendly and includes the FARM ID, but in addition, it presents better in a meat case and reflects the high quality, premium chicken it contains.
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