Wendell and Margie Saville’s farm in Rio, West Virginia, is nothing short of paradise. Assorted pollinators alight abundantly on fat clumps of plume thistle, while chickens happily hop in and out of their houses at will. Crops grow in the lush garden while curious deer approach on hushed, careful hooves. On one side of the farm, it’s trees as far as the eye can see; on the other, the ear hears the steady murmur of the North River as it hugs the property. Farmer Wendell maintains the farm while Margie handles the paperwork side of the enterprise. Son and grandson Tanner and Jeffrey help with periodic walkthroughs and equipment repairs. Why grow for SVO? Put simply, to provide better quality chicken for people who care what they eat and to feel good about the work they do each and every day.

Lynda Bostrom