For more than seven generations, the Wilkins family has farmed the land in beautiful Mathias, West Virginia. Timothy Wilkins, his dad Gene, his brother and his son-in-law devote their time to checking on the birds multiple times a day, preparing for future flocks, and tending beef cattle. Says Timothy, “I farm for future generations, not just the here and now. Organically produced goods are the most sustainable, ensuring the future generations will have a farm they can take pride in,” demonstrating foresight and an awareness of actions and consequences that corporate farms don’t have, or choose to ignore. 

This family truly lives off the land and practices what they call the “lost arts”: butchering, collecting and cooking maple syrup, making ponhoss and puddings, hunting for deer, mushrooms, and ramps, and gardening! Don’t worry -- on Sundays they insist on taking a load off and enjoying restful family time. 

Lynda Bostrom