Lodged between the Nathaniel Mountain and Short Mountain Wildlife Management Areas, along the banks of the North River, in what might be the most idyllic location for a chicken there is, you’ll find Saville Poultry. For more than 25 years, the Saville family has been raising birds on their tranquil farm insulated by acres and acres of trees. Farmer Jeff’s dad started in 1993 with two houses, and since then they’ve added two more. Life is busy at Saville Poultry. Jeff starts his day at 5:30am, tending the chickens before he reports to work at his electrical contracting business at 7am. While he’s gone, his dad Wendell and son Tanner handle all the bird duties. Jeff’s with the chickens again each evening. They do this seven days a week until the chickens are ready to leave. Jeff says he wants to “provide consumers with a healthy product that they’ll enjoy eating, knowing the history of the product,” and that requires focused dedication and relentless care. Between flocks and during any spare time he can scrounge, Jeff enjoys spending time with friends and family and hunting in the fall.

Lynda Bostrom