When Joseph Zimmerman’s neighbor told him about Shenandoah Valley Organic’s growing practices, he just had to give it a try. Now three years later, their chickens are thriving and the family is looking to start beef cows as well. Joseph and Karen have a lot of help from their three kids (ages 24, 22, and 18) with feedings, walk-throughs, cleaning barns, and getting reading for new flocks. Life on this gorgeous farm perched atop lush rolling hills and dotted with wildflowers starts at 5:15am. Joseph checks both houses, then eats breakfast and heads to work at a woodworking shop where he builds cabinet doors. While he’s gone, Karen and their two daughters tend to the chickens as well as all the other household chores. Joseph returns from work at 4:30 and he and his son check the birds twice more before retiring for the night. In the fall, Joseph and his son enjoy hunting. The family enjoys caring for their farm and horses.

Lynda Bostrom