Valley View Farm comes with a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Massanutten and Blue Ridge Mountains from the New Market Gap to Afton Mountain. Located in Linville, Virginia, the farm is under the loving care of new parents Daryn and Abigail Martin. For Daryn, poultry farming has “run through his veins” since childhood, when he’d help dad with walk-throughs, feeding, and cleaning out between flocks. In addition to helping on this newly-acquired poultry farm, Abigail stays busy tending to young Oliver and keeping their garden in tiptop shape.

Daryn says he grows for SVO “by and large, because of their business model. Organic, farmer-owned, and relaxed density housing are all very important to me. Having been raised on a turkey farm, I have seen first hand the negative effects of over-crowded, antibiotic-fed birds.” The Martins feel good about producing food with integrity, and about raising birds the way they want to, without the heavy-handed demands of the conventional poultry industry. In the summer months, their gorgeous hillside pasture is home to a cow and calf operation. When not tending to his birds, this helicopter pilot and his wife enjoy drinking copious amounts of coffee and playing disc golf.

Lynda Bostrom