Down the street apiece, Geri and Kerry Maloney operate a first generation chicken farm. After relocating to the Shenandoah Valley from DC for work, Kerry set to work raising chickens in the two chicken houses they inherited when they purchased the property. However, growing chickens for a large corporation was far from ideal. As Kerry puts it, “when you work for the big corporations, you’re at their whim,” and the Maloneys just didn’t like the direction they were headed. Now retired, Geri and Kerry raise chickens for SVO, and although they’re quite busy, it’s “a relaxed busy.” Kerry says, “It’s heaven for us,” raising their chickens the way they want to, spending time gardening, finishing furniture, caring for their horses, rabbits, kitties, and grandchildren. Geri appreciates being able to raise organic chickens -- it just feels right to them. You can usually find her tending to her organic garden, while Kerry is usually fixing something, outside the charming home they’ve shared for nearly 50 years where you can always find a shady, restful spot.

Lynda Bostrom