J & D Poultry


Situated right between the majestic hills of George Washington National Forest and Shenandoah National Park, J&D Poultry of Stanley, Virginia, has been in the bird business for a lifetime. Farmers Jeff and Daphne are up and about by 5:30am and walk through their houses three times a day, cleaning, feeding, and watering. Modern technology allows Jeff to monitor and control the chicken house temperature by computer, and he can check on the birds remotely using cameras and an app on his phone. Their daughter Victoria helps Daphne prepare for new flocks and also helps care for the birds in the summertime when she’s home from college.

The Dinges family got tired of the “runaround” they got from big poultry companies—a lot of hassle for little pay. With SVO, they have more freedom to raise their birds in a way that feels good to them and reflects their values, and they’re paid fairly for their dedication. Jeff also appreciates that SVO is family oriented and understands the complexity and the value of a family farm. Jeff, Daphne, and their two daughters work long hours, and during the precious few breaks they get, they’re content to sit on the back porch together for a spell.

J&D poultry are new to SVO and were between flocks when we visited for this photoshoot. We’ll have more photos of their flocks enjoying the sunshine when it warms up a bit!


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Lynda Bostrom