It’s no surprise that a man with the nickname “Jay Bird” would raise chickens, but David Fansler wears many hats, proof that he works hard, helps others, makes time for himself, and lives a good, full life.

The David Fansler Farm is nearly 100 years old. Bought in the 1930s by his grandfather, it’s been in the Fansler family ever since and is home to chickens and cattle. Jay Bird’s nephews, Daniel and Ethan, help run the farm, but they’re also busy with their own operations -- Walnut Bottom Farm and Old School Poultry, respectively. So when Jay Bird needs to make a big decision, he consults his mother, who still calls the shots.

In addition to the work it takes to tend chickens, Jay Bird and his wife, Reta, babysit their two-year-old grandson Grantley every day from 7am - 2pm. They have two grown daughters who work during the week, and every year, the whole Fansler gang (many of whom grow for SVO) reconnect at a giant family reunion. Jay Bird and Reta love to ride motorcycles on Sundays and head to Bike Week in Daytona Beach when they’re able to. They also love taking cruises! And oh yeah, Jay Bird also works as the Hardy County Commissioner -- busy, busy, busy!

Jay Bird likes growing for SVO because it allows the chickens to be… well, chickens. Getting sunlight and time to roam around outside, quality feed and plenty of space to grow and move make for healthier, more active birds. Jay Bird also appreciates the way the feels valued at SVO, and that management is just a phone call away should he need them.

Lynda Bostrom