A black road snakes its way to the scarlet red chicken houses of the Comer Farm, located in Page County, Virginia. Cows, sheep, and goats graze contentedly, encapsulated by ancient mountain peaks layered against the broad sky. When your farm is your family’s legacy, it means everything. It means pride and joy, heartache and worry, sacrifice and commitment. Gary and Debra Comer’s farm is all of these things and more. Gary has known this farm his whole life: he was born on it. And when his father passed away, it made sense for him to carry the farm into the future. Gary and his son (that’s three generations, now), perform the day-to-day operations: the feedings, the equipment maintenance and repair, the multiple walkthroughs, the preparation and care for each flock harbored in the Comer’s three chicken houses. Calling on the traditions of his dad and those before him, Gary produces healthy, happy, chemical-free birds that lend pride to the family name. In his free time, Gary likes to restore old tractors and attend antique tractor shows.

Lynda Bostrom