In a lush, wooded corner of Mt Solon, Virginia, sits the Coffey Partnership Farm. For many generations, the family raised cattle and hay; nowadays owners Rusty and Melody Coffey also raise organic crops and chickens. Their son, Matt, lives with his wife and children on the farm and serves as farm manager. Each morning Rusty and Melody start the day with a walk through the chicken house, feeding and watering them; the rest of the day consists of planting, harvesting, tending to cattle… as Melody says, “With farming, there’s not one thing or another”: it all must get done, and this close-knit family of six (seven if you count the dog) work seamlessly to provide quality chicken for SVO. Like many of our farmers, the Coffey’s chose to grow for Shenandoah Valley Organic because it felt like the right thing to do -- to support local business, to grow the healthiest possible birds, and to pass on a thriving business to their son and daughter-in-law when the time comes. As the photos demonstrate, little Elliana and Beau love to help on the farm, cleaning up and building fence, riding around on four-wheelers and helping with small tasks. Looks like this farm will thrive for generations to come. 

Lynda Bostrom