Life is busy.

And reading labels in the grocery meat case can be time-consuming and confusing.

Finally, there’s a chicken brand you can always count on for quality, taste, the highest raising standards, and full sourcing transparency.

With Farmer Focus, you can rest assured that the chicken in each and every package, from boneless skinless breasts to whole young chickens, is raised Organically, humanely, and with no antibiotics EVER. We even include a four-letter Farm ID code on each package so you can trace it back to the farm and the hardworking folks who raised your chicken.

Meet the real people who raise chickens the right way, for you and your family.

That’s Farmer Focus.

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Questions? Contact us

If you’d like to see Farmer Focus in your local grocery, but we aren't in your town yet, provide this product request sheet to your local Grocery Store Manager: