Frequently Asked Questions


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What are your chickens fed?
Are they fed soy?

Our chickens are fed a USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified, vegetarian blend of corn and soybean meal. Because our chickens are organic, they must get most of their vitamins and nutrients from natural ingredients. Soy is a wonderful source of many vital amino acids, nutrients and protein that chickens (and people) need in order to be healthy. We think soy is better than man-made, synthetic amino acids and nutrients - and we certainly don’t want our chickens eating animal by-products in order to get their protein. If you have a severe sensitivity to soy, ask your doctor how this might affect you.

Are your chickens free-range?

All of our chickens are free-range. Every farmer provides their chickens with outdoor access to pasture. They have the best of both worlds - they can go inside and warm their little chicken feet when it’s cold outside and when they want an adventure, they can go outside, forage, and bask in the sun.

Are your chickens air-chilled?

No, we water-chill our chickens. Water chilling decreases the temperature of the chicken faster to reduce the risk of food-borne pathogens.

What does “no antibiotics ever” mean?

You may have seen “raised without antibiotics” on your chicken packaging - this means that the chicken eggs could have been injected with antibiotics prior to hatching. We never inject our chickens or eggs with antibiotics.

What happens to the male chicks?

We raise both male and female birds. The male chicks are not discarded in any way.

Are you Halal certified? Through whom?

Yes, we are certified by the ISWA Halal Certification Department.

The whole bird packaging says “parts of giblets may be missing”. What does this mean?

The giblets of whole birds consist of a liver, heart, gizzards, and neck. As a newer company, we don’t have the equipment to harvest organs, therefore, you may not get every item that is considered a giblet. However, you may get more than one of the same item.

I cooked the chicken with the diaper still attached/giblet pack still inside: is it safe to eat?
If I already ate it, will I die?

You will not die. Just try not to do it again.