Why the new look?


You might notice we’ve spruced up our packaging. In short, we feel the new design tells the story of our Farmer Focus Business Model. After all, a label is worth a thousand words.

Our Farmer Focus Business Model allows farmers full ownership of the chickens they raise and gives voice to the farmers and their families, like the family shown on our new label. The “Meet Your Farmer” Farm ID is easier to find on the new packaging: type that 4-letter code into our website and read all about the people who provided that chicken. All those icons toward the bottom of the label ensure you’re getting the highest quality organic chicken out there — chicken that’s been raised in humane conditions with no antibiotics or genetically modified feed. We’re so confident about the caliber of our chicken that, not one, but two third-party non-profit animal welfare auditors guarantee that SVO chickens meet each of the certification standards.

You’ll find our spiffy labels on a new type of package, too — the Vacuum Skin Pack. We still offer some products in our trayless roll stock packaging, but customers asked for sturdier packaging that can stack easily in the fridge and that minimizes mess. Gone are the days of slicing the plastic covering with a knife, only to have the plastic peel off in one aggravating narrow strip. Our easy-peel top film comes off fully in one motion. Our plastic tray is fully recyclable, unlike the styrofoam tray other brands use. It’s also designed to minimize leaks, so there’s no need for that absorbent diaper material, which would just end up in the landfill.

At SVO, we value sustainability, fairness, transparency, and the generations of farmers who have fed this valley for centuries. With the average age of a Virginia farmer at 59, SVO seeks to preserve farming as a way of life for generations to come. We hope our new label and packaging reflect those values.


Front Page Image Photo: Brooklyn Supper


Lynda Bostrom