SVO Loves Local Arts!


“Delores Tries to Decide” by Jennifer Lockard Connerley

This week is a big week for SVO on the visual art front as we have sponsored two local art exhibitions. Started in 2012, Art Lotto is a portrait show of artists, by artists, in which each participant selects another at random and creates a portrait of them. This year, they are gearing up for Art Lotto 5, which has 35 participating artists who will be enjoying SVO chicken at their Private Party event.

The other art show opening that we are really excited to sponsor is a series of oil paintings by Jennifer Lockard Connerley. Her work features chickens and people, and she even used pictures of our chickens taken by our photographer, Katie Schmid, as source photos for some of her paintings, including “Delores Tries to Decide,” pictured here. We partnered with the chef of Jimmy Madison’s, Isaac Coles, to provide delicious SVO chicken appetizers and other refreshments.


Both openings are part of Harrisonburg community event called First Fridays Downtown, and are Friday, August 4th, from 5-8pm. Art Lotto is being held at the Smith House Galleries of the Arts Council of the Valley, 311 S. Main St. and is on display through the month of August, and Jennifer Lockard Connerley’s show is at the Spitzer Art Center, 486 W. Market St. and is up through September. We hope to see you there!



Lynda Bostrom