SVO funds new Aeration System to Purcell Park Pond


SVO is nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, where we have so many options to explore the surrounding natural beauty. Want to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains and take a drive up Skyline Drive? We have that! Want to explore caverns with the family? We have that too! Some of  the best places to spend a weekend afternoon–whether having a small picnic or just taking a run with the dogs–are our local parks.


For many years, citizens and visitors have enjoyed fishing and exploring wildlife at Purcell Park pond. Many local schools take field trips to the park, and are able to observe the seasonal changes, as the park keeps regular hours year-round. The pond at Purcell Park is the central and primary area for providing residents a place to witness freshwater species like Redbreasted Sunfish, Bluegill and Largemouth Bass. Unfortunately, the pond was facing an excess of organic matter and sediment, leading to algal blooms. SVO worked with the Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Department to create an aeration system for the pond at Purcell Park. With a properly sized aeration system, quadrants of the pond are turned over to promote improved oxygen levels and to release gases from the pond floor. With the aeration system and regularly scheduled eco-friendly bacteria treatments, we helped provide a balanced aquatic environment and removed significant amounts of sludge buildup. 

**Virginia SEP Project

Lynda Bostrom