Our Certifications


We love visiting our farms.


We get to chat with the farmers—the folks that are the foundation of SVO chicken! The best time to arrive to the farms is early in the morning or late in the day—when the summer air cools and provides a nice comfortable setting for our feathered friends to stretch their wings and scratch in the grass for bugs.

These young chickens are only about 4 weeks old. Still discovering their outdoor area with plenty of curiosity—especially for our photographer's camera.

We aren’t the only ones to visit SVO farms: third-party auditors from the USDA Organic Department, Certified Humane Board, and the folks from the Global Animal Partnership, drop by often (sometimes unannounced). They take the time to ensure that meticulous certification standards are satisfied. So you can feel rest assured that these chickens always meet high standards when it comes to quality of treatment, and quality of feed.

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Lynda Bostrom